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Travel With Us When You’re Ready | in Partnership with Our Pledge

Pledge To Travel with Us

This campaign has now ended. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us by purchasing vouchers, and to OurPledge for helping make it happen.

If you’d like to support our project and receive discounts, perks and special offers, why not join us and become a No Fly Travel Club member. How it works.

Although we understand that Covid-19 is still a very real threat, we are confident that now is the time to get started, and we are so excited for what’s to come. There is a great future ahead for overland sustainable travel!

We fully understand the need to take a cautious approach in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to be here to help you travel differently once the time comes – but we understand that booking a holiday at the moment feels uncertain.

That’s why we’re asking if you’ll pledge to travel sustainably with us once you’re ready and able to. To say thank you for your support at this early stage, we’re pleased to offer you discounts on trips and memberships. We hope you’ll also be keen to help us build this mission together!

Vouchers & Trip Options

Deposit Vouchers:

Deposit vouchers are available for purchase on any of the trips below, as well as new trips as they go live.

Membership Vouchers:

Membership vouchers are also available, offering you half price membership for one year, at just £39.50.

Not Sure How to Support?

If you’d like to support our mission but aren’t sure how you’d like to use your voucher yet, you can buy a “support voucher” instead. These can be redeemed against any trip or membership subscription. Purchase now.

Any questions about pledging? Email us at


Where can I see trip details?

Trips details and prices are available above – you’re welcome to check them before pledging to travel or contribute!

How long is my voucher valid for?

Vouchers are valid for booking within 18 months of purchase, for trips departing within 2 calendar years of purchase.

If restrictions on travel persist, we will look at extending this booking period, but we hope this will not be necessary.

How do I confirm my trip?

When you’re ready to travel, please email to book your trip, giving details of the voucher you have purchased, number of passengers and the trip + dates you would like to book. At this stage you can review the trip details and ask any further questions you may have. 

The remaining balance for your trip will be due 42 days before the date of departure. You can also pay in instalments spread over a period of time. 

What if I can’t travel when I planned?

By pledging through Our Pledge, you are buying a voucher, not a trip. Vouchers are valid for booking within 18 months, which should allow you to wait until you feel comfortable travelling to confirm your trip, We hope this will minimise the chance of cancellations relating to covid.

Once you have used your voucher and decided on the dates of travel, our normal (flexible) cancellation policy will apply. This can be found at our website, here:

In the unlikely even that you can’t use your voucher within 18 months due to external travel restrictions, we will extend the validity of the voucher. You can also transfer your voucher to another person/people if necessary, however the voucher is not refundable once purchased.

Is my voucher financially protected in case of insolvency?

By purchasing through Our Pledge, you are buying a voucher, not a holiday. Your voucher will not therefore be eligible for financial protection.

However, once you confirm your trip, any further funds you pay towards the remaining balance will be fully protected in an ABTA approved scheme, in line with the package travel regulations. This means that your funds would be returned to you in case of our insolvency.

I often travel alone, can I buy a voucher just for me?

Yes – you are welcome to book a joint deposit voucher for yourself. You can decide at the point of booking whether to go with someone else, or on your own. The remaining balance will be updated accordingly. Single supplements apply.

I want to travel with my family, can I buy a voucher for all of us?

We would love to have you all travel with us! Children under 12 are eligible for discounted rates, and children over 12 count as adults for the purpose of booking a trip with No Fly Travel Club.

If you would like to pledge for your whole family, please buy one voucher per family member over 12 (E.g. 2 adults and one child over 12 would require 2 x joint membership vouchers).

At the point of confirming your trip, we can adjust the remaining balance to account for odd numbers and additional children under 12. Please use the trip calendar to check total prices for your family before you purchase your voucher.

How much will I save on my trip if I buy a deposit voucher?

The exact savings will vary depending on the voucher selected, the trip you choose and the time of year you travel, however you will save a minimum of approximately 8% on the total cost of your trip, plus £149 on your annual membership costs.

As part of your membership, you will also receive 10% off any further trips you choose to book before your membership expires.

Why Should I Buy A Voucher?

No Fly Travel Club is an entirely self-funded, independent business. We don’t have outside investors (nor do we intend to). With travel currently uncertain for 2021, it’s a risk for us to spend on necessary set up costs until we have proven demand.

By buying a voucher, you are showing us that you want to book a responsible, overland trip with us. This will enable us to invest in the set-up frameworks that we need to start operating – confident in the knowledge that there is proven demand to support our investment. Plus, you guarantee yourself a great trip when you’re ready to travel!

What is Our Pledge and why are you working with them?

As part of our sustainability commitments, we always try to work with independent partners who share our values and are doing good in the world.

Our Pledge is a sustainable platform which brings together conscious consumers and sustainable brands. The values of our two brands align well, and we want to support Our Pledge’s mission too.

Our Pledge will make a small commission from hosting our campaign, which will help them to raise funds for other green businesses.

By purchasing via their platform, you are not only supporting us, but also helping to fund other sustainable businesses too.

Voucher terms & conditions

  1. Vouchers are available to purchase at a discounted rate, in exchange for 2 x the full 20% deposit of the trip(s) indicated in the description.
  2. Vouchers for trip deposits also include single/joint annual membership of No Fly Travel Club, entitling the recipient to a further 5% off their remaining balance. Membership commences from the date the holder confirms their trip and is valid for 1 calendar year.
  3. To use the deposit voucher, the customer must contact No Fly Travel Club to confirm their desired trip within 18 months of purchase. They must specify their departure date, number of passengers and itinerary at the point of redemption. Trips can be booked to depart any time within two calendar years of voucher purchase. Note that some vouchers are only valid on particular trips – please check before you purchase. Savings vary from 5-15% depending on the voucher and trip booked. Voucher cannot be combined with other advertised discounts.
  4. Once a trip is confirmed, the full balance is payable 42 days before travel. Normal booking & cancellation terms apply – these can be found here.
  5. If Covid-19 restrictions mean that travel is not permitted by the FCO or other related external factors, we will extend the validity of the voucher within reason.
  6. Vouchers for membership entitle the customer to 1 years’ annual single membership of No Fly Travel Club. Valid for redemption within 18 months. Contact us to redeem. Membership starts from the date of redemption and lasts for 1 calendar year.
  7. Support vouchers can be purchased for various amounts, all of which can be redeemed against memberships or trips. Contact us to redeem. Valid for redemption within 18 months. Where the voucher is redeemed against a membership, this membership starts from the date of redemption and lasts for 1 calendar year.
  8. Further questions regarding the purchase and use of the vouchers can be addressed to – we’ll do our best to help!



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