A New Way to Travel

We curate sustainable trips

Each year we release a limited selection of ethical experiences for you to book, created in partnership with local suppliers.

Join our club to access perks

Members can customise itineraries, get first pick of dates for limited release trips, access trip discounts and enjoy offers from sustainable partners.

Track impact as you travel

Plus: when you travel as a member, we’ll send you in-depth reports about how your trip made a difference, as well as yearly impact reports.

Why are we a travel members’ club?

Maximum impact

We work directly with small local suppliers wherever possible. For this reason, each trip has limited availability – a membership model helps us to manage passenger numbers sustainably.

Community Feel

We want to build a travel community that shares a love for ethical travel and consumerism. A membership model makes it easy to bring together suppliers & customers and provide great service.

Travel members' club

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