Missing travel? You’re not alone.

We miss the feeling of waking up somewhere new, new sounds, getting happily lost,  having our perspectives shifted and put back together.

But this not just a “first-world problem”. Tourism professionals all over he world miss their guests: their livelihoods depend on them. With vaccine inequality still high, it could be some time before tour guides can safely host international guests in person.

Over the last 18 months Covid has threatened our industry, but over-tourism and climate change could have an even bigger impact in future. We’ve been thinking about how we can explore safely and sustainably, supporting tourism professionals globally despite these challenges.

Introducing Private Virtual Travel Experiences!

We’ve all got used to doing things differently. We catch up with colleagues on teams, stream films instead of going to the cinema and plan celebrations via Zoom. Tour guides are no different.

Virtual experiences provide an amazing way for travellers of all ages and abilities to connect with local people in their own homes and cities. They offer fairly paid work to tourism professionals around the world, plus they are affordable, safe and a great way to learn more about our world.

Indian Cooking Experience

Cook ceviche along with your host in Peru, learn the hidden history of Montmartre’s streets or get an insight into daily life on a Kenyan tea plantation with your guide.

Our experiences are arranged privately for you and your group. Just tell us when and how many people would like to attend. You can take the tour together in one room, or remotely with friends, family or colleagues all over the world!

The experience is live – so you can ask your guide questions and discuss talking points along the way. Just like in real life travel there’s always room for the unexpected…

By booking a tour, you create work for guides all over the world. As well as a fair fee for their time, our local partners will receive 20% of all profits, and you’ll have a chance to tip your guide directly during the experience. For more details check out all our tours here.

By booking a virtual experience you support local guides all over the world AND our sustainable tourism business, all from your living room!

Any questions? To enquire about a booking contact us at [email protected], or via our social media channels.